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Regulatory Environmental Requirements: Asbestos & Lead Based Paint

Being a multi-unit building owner/manager is challenging, as you are also responsible for complying with regulatory environmental  requirements (under EPA and OSHA) when hazardous material are evident. To meet these regulatory environmental requirements you need to: Know what materials are in your building and building component. Know your responsibilities under current regulation. Be able to adapt to changing regulation. Know …

Sellers Home Inspection Is A Valuable Tool

The use of a home inspection on behalf of a seller has become a very valuable tool for expediting the real estate transaction and for helping the seller to limit the liability from the disclosure process. However, there are some important steps to be taken to insure the process works. Background of Sellers Disclosure As background, Hawaii Revised Statute 508D-9 …

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Welcome To Our New Website

After having our old website up for over a decade, we decided it was time for a facelift. We are excited to launch our new website, which highlights all of the services that we offer our clients. Not only do we have a spiffy new look, but there is a lot more information to peruse, and it’s easier to request …