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Concrete is designed as a support system for flooring, walls, and ceilings, and has metal components, i.e. steel rebar, post-tensioning cables, conduit, and reinforcing fabric added to it to maintain the structural integrity of the concrete and provide water and electrical service. When these inclusions are disturbed, it can have an adverse effect on the strength and performance of the concrete and in some cases, can have devastating consequences!

Altering concrete can be done more safely by scanning to help identify the locations of these inclusions. It can also save money in damage prevention if rebar are disturbed, a post-tension cable is cut or damaged, or conduit is cut or damaged.

Hawaii Inspection Group offers highly qualified and experienced consultants to provide this service to you. This service includes scanning of designated concrete surfaces prior to coring or alteration, and marking detected anomalies consistent with rebar, conduit, and/or post-tension cables on-site. We also perform this service to assist with forensic analysis for Structural Engineering firms, etc.

After the on-site scanning, a report detailing our findings including approximate depths, etc., and digital pictures is prepared for your records.