construction defects assessments
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Hawaii Inspection Group has performed a large number of construction defects assessments for both new and existing construction. We provide the field investigation for any suspected defect to determine the extent of any problem and can respond on an emergency basis if needed. Our expertise is based in extensive construction background and professional licenses in contracting and engineering in Hawaii. We have three specialists that can testify if needed and are qualified expert witnesses. HIG has participated in some of the largest construction defects cases in the State of Hawaii.

With its background in over 8,000 home inspections, 600 commercial inspections, and 600 Reserve Studies, Hawaii Inspection Group has witnessed a vast variety of construction problems and has helped identify issues of construction defects. This analysis requires a strong rigor in investigation that may need to stand the test of deposition and court testimony and we have earned an excellent reputation for our work in this field. We approach a problem in the following steps:

  1. Is there a problem? Is the issue a result of multiple rather than just one cause?
  2. If so, what is the extent of the problem? What impact is the problem having upon the performance of the building and the long run cost of maintaining the building?
  3. What would be the most cost effective method to correct the problem given the state of technology and the possible disruption to the occupancy of the building.
  4. What is the likely cause of the problem? Is the problem the result of the original design, the original construction, the maintenance of the building, or some unusual event? Is there recourse likely against any party to the building’s design, construction, or maintenance.