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Many of our construction defects and Reserve Study clients have retained Hawaii Inspection Group to coordinate various aspects of the construction activity needed to restore or keep the property in good condition. The project coordination work has been re-roofing, installation of new elevators, solar PV system installation, spalling repairs, and the installation of new door and window systems.

Hawaii Inspection Group works closely with local architects and design engineers, building and planning departments, owners, and contractors to help insure the project is built according to the plans and specifications, the code requirements, and within budget.

The scope of our work can include preparing specifications for the work in collaboration with architects and design engineers. We offer our own input at this stage based upon our previous experience with other projects. This is especially helpful when materials or techniques may be chosen that are not readily available locally or could be very difficult to install or maintain due a lack of trained vendors or contractors.

Once the job specifications have been chosen, Hawaii Inspection Group can prepare a Request for a Proposal (RFP) to be sent out to qualified bidders. HIG handles the site visits by potential bidders, reviews the proposals, and presents its findings to the client for final selection.

During the course of construction, HIG can work with the contractors and suppliers to help insure a work schedule, deal with requested Change Orders, and review payment requests for corrected amounts and timing. This allows the owner to be relieved from the day to day need to coordinate the project. With our background, we have excellent relationships with vendors, contractors, and governmental agencies.