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An environmental site assessment (ESA 1 and 2) is a report prepared for a real estate property that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. The analysis, often called an ESA , typically addresses both the underlying land as well as physical improvements to the property. An ESA Phase 1 involves review of records, a site inspection, and interviews with owners, occupants, neighbors and local government officials to identify any potential environmental concerns.

A variety of actions can cause a Phase 1 study to be performed for a commercial property, the most common being:

  • Purchase of real property by a person or entity not previously on title
  • Contemplation by a new lender to provide a loan on the subject real estate
  • Partnership buyout or principal redistribution of ownership
  • Application to a public agency for change of use or other discretionary land use permit
  • Existing property owner’s desire to understand toxic history of the property
  • Compulsion by a regulatory agency who suspects toxic conditions on the site
  • Divestiture of properties

In the event it an ESA Phase 1 indicates there are hazardous materials then an ESA Phase 2 may be conducted. The phase 2 involves sampling and laboratory analysis to confirm presence of hazardous materials. The results of the ESA 2 will outline any future course of action if needed.

Hawaii Inspection Group recommends that any commercial property that changes hands should have an ESA 1 and depending on the ESA 1 findings, it may require an ESA 2. Our Industrial Hygienist, also licensed by the State of Hawaii as a Chemical Engineer, is qualified to conduct both ESA Phase 1 and Phase 2 assessments following the ASTM and AAI standards.

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