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Buyer Home Inspections

HIG home inspections are an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house from the roof to foundation. American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) sets the standards of home inspections and all of HIG Inspectors are members.

  • We inspect the following items for visual evidence of material defects: Exterior, Electrical, Heat & Air Conditioning Systems, Plumbing & Water Heating, Kitchen, Bathroom, Interior, Foundation, Framing and Insulation.
  • HIG home inspection reports include a summary of non-functioning items, general comments and digital photos.
  • The report is not a statement of the code or permit complying condition of the property; it is an objective professional opinion of the present condition of the property.

Sellers Home Inspections

An inspection for the seller of a house is an attractive process in the real estate transaction. This approach has a home inspector perform an inspection that shows details of what needs to be repaired or replaced in the house or condominium. This allows the seller to make these repairs before putting the house on the market which will make the transaction easier as the buyer has less risk or expense. Sometimes the seller will have the inspector re-inspect just before the house goes on the market to verify if any repairs were made.

Regarding the seller’s liability in the disclosure process, Hawaii Revised Statue 508D (see Section 508D-9) allows sellers to rely upon the home inspectors report when preparing their Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement. Thus, Hawaii Inspection Group will assume the seller’s liability for negligence in disclosure to the extent of its ASHI inspection.

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