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Environmental Services


Mold exists in all buildings, particularly here in Hawaii. Under the right conditions (moisture, a food source, and time) mold will grow, multiply and produce spores. Having a mold assessment done will determine the possibility of unusual moisture in the building that may cause mold, high humidity, the presence of mold on surfaces, or a musty smell may be signs that could indicate mold is present. Or there may be no visual evidence of mold (due to a hidden water leak), but only adverse health effects one experiences if exposed to air-borne mold spores.

A mold collection determines if there are indications of unusual or elevated mold conditions through air samplings. Those samplings are contained (under a chain of custody process) and sent to a qualified lab for evaluation and identification. The most critical step in solving a mold problem is to accurately identify and fix the source(s) of moisture that allowed the growth to occur. Hawaii Inspection Group and our qualified inspectors and industrial hygienist provide the expertise in both mold assessments and mold collection.

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