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Hawaii has the Nation’s highest energy costs, and the need for energy efficiency and alternative sources for electrical power is intense. This is especially true for condominiums and other non-profit organizations that have a limited ability to take advantage of complicated tax credits or other incentives. Hawaii Inspection Group has been performing energy audits for their clients for the last six years and has helped eleven non-profit organizations to design, permit, and install solar PV systems on their buildings. We offer a full range of engineering and economic consulting for energy savings and alternative energy systems. Along with this service, we also provide consulting on Hot Water Generation Systems.

Energy and Solar PV Consulting


Hawaii Inspection Group offers services in two key areas of energy efficiency. The first is in energy audits and energy efficiency studies. The second is in determining the most efficient method of producing that energy.
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hot water systems


Hot water systems can be modernized with various pre-heating systems, co-generation system, solar and a combination of these systems. Hawaii Inspection Group has been assessing these hot water systems and providing options to modernize.
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"Tom Douma and Robert Miskae have assisted Island Sands in many ways over the past several years.  HIG updated our Reserve Study twice and advised us throughout the entire process of installing a rooftop 170 MW PV system.  We plan to engage them as consultants in a multi-year project to inspect plumbing and help us develop plans to repair/replace."

Bill Brown
AOAO Treasurer