environmenal services
Environmental Services


Properties can be affected in a variety of ways, some as a result of the natural environment such as mold and water. In other cases, the affect may be a combination of environmental and man-made, like asbestos and noise intrusion. Hawaii Inspection Group performs numerous environmental assessment services in this arena including mold, asbestos and lead paint assessments and testing, noise and vibration monitoring, environmental site assessments (ESA Phase 1 & 2), and water intrusion assessments. Our consultants are licensed and certified by the State of Hawaii and have met other national criteria in their respective fields of expertise. Along with this, each has many years of valuable on the job experience in the environmental assessment field.

Mold Assessment


Hawaii Inspection Group qualified consultants can determine if there are indications of unusual or elevated mold conditions. An infrared imaging camera, moisture meter and hygrometer are used as part of a mold assessment. Upon conclusion of the mold assessment, Hawaii Inspection Group consultants can determine if further mold sampling or testing is needed. Find out more about mold assessment.

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asbestos and lead paint assessment


Our Industrial Hygienist and State of Hawaii licensed lead and asbestos consultants are able to provide the expertise needed in performing asbestos and lead based paint assessments and testing. HIG also has the qualified consultants to meet your needs for larger asbestos projects where a management planner and/or a project manager is required by state and/or federal standards. Find out more about asbestos and lead paint assessment.

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noise and vibration assessment


Hawaii Inspection Group performs noise level monitoring and noise abatement design services. Our consultants also perform noise monitoring of mechanical equipment operation (i.e. elevators, AC, construction etc). Hawaii Inspection Group has also been a pioneer in Hawaii in the field of property damage assessments from earthquakes, aging and settling, and construction activity. Find out more about noise and vibration assessment.

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Environmental Site Assessment (ESA 1 and 2)


An environmental site assessment (ESA 1 & 2) is a report prepared for a real estate property that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. HIG has on board, a chemical engineer and Industrial Hygienists to perform the ESA Assessment to the standards required. Find out more about environmental site assessment (ESA 1 & 2).

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water intrusion


Water intrusion can enter a structure from known or unknown sources. If left undetected it can cause extensive damage or lead to other environmental hazards, such as mold. Hawaii Inspection Group consultants have performed many water intrustion assessments over the years. Find out more about water intrustion assessment.

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“We have always considered the presence of environmental hazards to be as important as any physical defect or hazard. All people need to have a safe home and work environment, but most of us cannot recognize these hazards without advanced training. HIG offers a full range of assessments and testing for environmental hazards.”

Tom Douma
Hawaii Inspection Group